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gas в Калгари

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Energy equipment (gas turbine siemens gte-160 with generator sgen5-100a-2p)
31 000 000 $/шт
Pro-energetics, ООО, RU
This equipment has not found its application, it is completely new, stored in a storage. the cost of equipment is now quoted at the 2010...
7 nozzles for shock absorber repair. Standart class
480 $/Набор
A-PROFI STEEL, ООО, UA +5 объявлений
7 special nozzles allow you to restore the factory characteristics of shock absorber struts according to the technology of the manufacturer. The...
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Liquefied petroleum gas
Цена по запросу
Petroleum Operating, Филиал, KZ
- Liquefied gas (Naip terminal) according to the formula rates "Platt's” "FOB AG Cargoes" "Propane" 40% plus "Butane" 60% discount, prize...
65 $/т  
Оптовая цена
50 - 60 $/т
Систем-лоджистик, ООО, RU
"System logistics offers technical gas lump sulfur granulated, ground, grade 9998 according to GOST 127.1-93. Name of indicators: * Mass fraction...
1 000 $/т FOB
Сафарова Н.Р., ИП, TM
Price on demand: The high-density polyethylene brand Inpipe 100 is natural. High-density polyethylene brand A4009MFN 1325. High-density...
Топливо Jet 54, EN 590
1 $/т CIF
Горбунов И.Г., ИП, RU
Commodity: Aviation Kerosene JP54/А1 Origin : Russian Quantity: (24 X 2,000,000 BBLs) = 48,000,000 BBLs (+/- 5%) Delivery in month:2 X 2,000,000...
Selling gas turbine SGT400 operating time 6000 hours
5 800 000 $/шт EXW
Stanok expert, ООО, RU +10 объявлений
Selling second-hand SGT400 gas turbine. Manufactured in 2014. Operating time - 6000 hours. The condition is perfect. Application - power...
Selling gas turbine engine SGT400 Siemens
7 400 000 $/компл EXW
Stanok expert, ООО, RU +10 объявлений
Selling SGT400 Siemens gas turbine engine. The SGT-400 offer includes a complete set (power turbine + transition channel + gas...
Selling gas turbine Siemens SGT800
2 940 000 €/компл EXW
Stanok expert, ООО, RU +10 объявлений
Selling complex gas turbine generator set SGT800. Power 56 MW. Price € 2,940,000 EXW. Those. the unit will be dismantled into containers before...
Selling gas turbine Solar Taurus 60
800 000 $/шт EXW
Stanok expert, ООО, RU +10 объявлений
Selling gas turbine Solar Taurus 60 I will sell the gas turbine Solar Taurus 60. The Solar Taurus 60 gas turbine engine has the following...
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